Appearance Step Overview

The Appearance Step is where you design your app’s appearance. This is where you’ll choose your layout, upload background images, set your colour scheme, and more.

Here You Can:

  • Choose your home screen layout.
  • Add home screen buttons.
  • Add home screen subtabs.
  • Add a home screen header image.
  • Choose your tab button style & colour.
  • Choose your tab icon colour.
  • Delete tabs (not recommended).
  • Edit tab names & icons.
  • Rearrange tab order.
  • Choose the colour scheme of your app.
  • Set up unique appearances for specific tabs.
  • Upload or select background images for your home screen & tabs.
  • Upload home screen slider images.

The Appearance Step is divided into two main sections:

  1. Appearance: Home Screen and Global Style
  2. Background Images

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